Roof Inspection

We service Residential and commercial roofs inspected. Skylights tested and inspected.

Be assured that you have a good contractor. Have your roof inspected by a Pro!

Get your in progress roof inspected $200. Over 30 years experience.Patient with new contractors. A helping approach.

Every roof contractor has had different experiences and not all of them are up top date on the best practices. Our intention is not to do every roof. The world is about community, its about avoiding problems. We will help you and your contractor

It is very simple to have us come out speak with your contractor , make constructive criticism on safety and quality. Maybe even help a young contractor avoid a problem or see something that it takes years to learn.

We inspect for only $200:
Material quality
Safe work practices
Property protection
video the process
Final workmanship
write a one page inspection report
Mark is a real roofer. Let him help you and your contractor give you the best job.

Call Mark at anytime and schedule a visit to your property, or request an estimate by filling the form out below.

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