So you have decided you need a new roof. Now you must realize that it will cost you some money. But how much money? Should you get many prices or should you use the person your neighbor used? These are all good questions and we want to answer them for you. Roofing is a serious business, there are many important considerations outside of price. For one, have the people installing your roof been trained? Are the people working aware of safety issues and will they take the pride in workmanship. We don't want to bore you here. We do want you to understand a few issues though that we have found with the new dimensional shingles that are being installed. Our people are trained in nail placement, alignment, and proper stagger. All jobs we wear safety belts and we clean up promptly. Call us for an estimate and we will give you a fair price. We will never be the lowest price but we will always give you the best quality.

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