Worship Work ? Green Roof $1

For Immediate Release :                                         Information, contact: Mark Nejmeh 732-995-3914                                                                              Mark@jobcreation.us Foundation for Job Creation “Worship Work ?”  JobCreation.us providing Green Sustainable roofing Class   NEPTUNE, NJ August 4, 2015 – In 2009, a roofer started a small non-profit organization called “The Foundation for Job Creation.” He held rallies across the country to educate communities on what “Job Creation” truly is. Now the organizations founder, Mark Nejmeh, is sharing the knowledge of his trade through that same non-profit. Every Sunday morning from 7 am to 8 am Nejmeh takes time out of his own busy schedule to “Worship Work”; he offers valuable “green roofing” skill training seminars to his community at 1510 Corlies Ave, Neptune, NJ 07753. He only charges $1 The best part of “Worship Work?” He only charges $1 per session. There’s no questioning Nejmeh’s qualifications- he runs a small roofing… Read More →

Observation from the Roof Consultants Institute convention

The roof consultants institute is holding their annual trade show and educational seminar. 63 new registered roof observers this year, no one passed the roof consultants test this year. The RCI organization reported that they had 9 new registered waterproofing consultants in a year. 13 new registered exterior wall consultants, 9 building envelope consultants in the entire year. The RCI has now over 3000 members, 1200 of the 3000 are consultants the balance are contractors or manufacturers. What I observed most about the attendees of the convention was the following: 1. The group is very professional 2. The group is very sincere and interested in good roofing. 3. No one seems competitive because the demand for their services is so high. 4. Professional engineers and Architects respect the none degree holding Consultants equally as peers. 5. The industry does not have a twitter account and has not embraced data mining from the massive roofing industry 6. Thankfully suppliers are absent from the convention and have little influence over the RCI institute 7. The RCI convention has very few supporting contractors attend the event. 8. Most attendees of the convention comment that nothing seems new nd that innovation in the industry… Read More →

Roof Consultants job help wanted RRO “roofers”

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. I am reporting to you from the roof consultants convention. I recently attended the Roof Consultants convention. I also attended region 1 meeting for roof consultants in which details of important issues are discussed. I had mentioned to the group that I was a contractor and the discussion of RRO registered roof observers came up. Registered Roof Observer RRO big money The consultants were discussing the shortage of Roof observers more often called RRO’s . Apparently the roof consultants institute has a test to for observers to actually be designated as an RRO . The RCI has managed to get the requirement of having a designated RRO requirement written into the specs for government and some large companies.For the RRO approval there is a test. The test requires a discussion of all roofing systems. The concern of the consultants is the shortage of educated tested and available observers. Many of the roof consultants have supposedly used college students with zero experience in roofing or have been forced to use their design staff. My comment was simple “I never met an RRO that was worth a damn” and further more since… Read More →

Women in Roofing

I have a question. Which one of you roofers would like to talk about WOMEN? Now lets talk about them in the roofing industry. There are so few women in roofing that at a roof consulting or roofer convention I want to look away because hey I am staring. I mean what the hell, women stand out in the roofing industry. I am reporting to you from the Roof Consultants convention in San Antonio. So far I have seen two real deal women in the consulting role. They were on their game but not 100% there. They seemed to gather data well but you could tell they had zip hands on experience and have not faced the physical challenges of the roof. Other women I have meet here have been rather attractive women in sales. It seems like the roofing industry has caught on to the fact that men do not like to say no to women. The pharmaceutical industry has used this technique for years. Pretty woman shows up and says lets do lunch and by the way use these drugs for your patients. The doctor mouth open shakes his head YES and the rest is history. You will… Read More →

Roofing from the Roof Consultants Convention

Be sure to check in for observations from the Roof Consultants Convention. For now I will be reporting and blogging on individual subjects. Roof Consultants Convention It is critically important for all of you that are roofers and customers of roofers to pay close attention to all details if you have an interest in keeping a dry home or building. Why? Because water infiltration causes mold. Secondly as home inspectors and mortgage companies become tougher on the condition of properties they will demand that you credit the buyer for remediation of the water damage or they will make you fix the leaks and prove the condition to the mortgage company . I believe strongly in hiring a roof consultant if they are qualified. Careful to understand that most Architects and engineers have little University training when it comes to roofing. You should check the reviews and references on all consultants just as stringently as you check the reviews on a contractor. You need satisfaction in managing the shelter that you have invested in. The Usual Subjects slick roof consultants A contractor doing the work should not be considered a roof consultant. A roof consultant goes beyond the roof , They… Read More →

@roofingexpo roofing observations from the show

The solar industry is taking on a form of its own. They are not with the roofing industry and they will be the root cause of a great deal of repair work. Gaf is recommending all roofing contractors prepare to work with Solar companies. Solar is more of a Wall St play as they prepare to bundle SREC’s and create a new financial instrument for trading. Insurance is a problem and an opportunity for Wall St.if they actually participated in risk management someone will make a fortune. The fact is the entire industry is seriously under insured. More and more companies are calling their workers subcontractors. Two reasons for this: 1. Hard working illegal immigrants that can work legally as independents. 2. Insurance industry completely out of touch and lazy. GAF finally admits that Asphalt formulations have been a problem. Asphalt is on it way out as a waterproofing agent Venting is a consideration causing many problems all over the country yet the science of venting is rarely Known. The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) has fallen short for all roofing contractors. The NRCA is losing its punch and way too expensive. The attendance of the @roofingexpo was dominated by… Read More →

A Roofer an Inventor Cedar Shake Expert tool

A Former College athlete and Roofer has invented a new device for tearing off cedar shakes. For years roofers have had a difficult time removing tediously the hand nailed artistry of prior roofers. As painful as it may be to remove another mans handicraft it must be done when the system is failing. On the road in New Orleans far from the fast balls this young man has boot strapped his company by doing roofing work. You as a roofer should support his innovation by purchasing one of these handmade tools and make your life easier. Real Roofer has purchased and we are happy with the tool. For the best Cedar shingle siding or Cedar shingle roofing call 732-995-3914 Mark Nejmeh So now lets talk about what is important with Cedar Shakes Installation. This product must be installed by a professional. The product is scarce and if installed properly the material itself will maintain strong value. It comes mainly from the West Coast so east Coast installs are carrying a pretty heavy transportation cost on top of the material cost. Most roofers need very experienced woodworker on the crew because remember this is a wood product. Siding and roofing have… Read More →

Athletes , Teammates and Roofing

February 26, 2015 New Orleans: Sometimes you get to play with the big boys. Sometimes you become the old wise roofer and you get to be looked up to. The International roofing expo was a great chance to get a birds eye view of your peers and for me an opportunity to share and perhaps mentor. Like other industries that are traditional small business industries the roofing industry can be a great place where you can support a family if you put in enough effort. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has shown a concern for the image of the industry. Worried that the image of what a roofer “is” could be in jeopardy, they have begun to create a campaign to inform more potential roofers of a profile that fits. Earlier today when speaking with Bill Good President and Chairman of The NRCA we discussed how roofers tend to be either athletes or outdoors people. Here is an example of some new people that are in the New roofing industry. I randomly had the opportunity to meet Juan and Phil partners in a roofing business. Two former College Basketball Stars who become good friends that they can trust on… Read More →

Have you noticed I am a little weird?

Well I already know the answer to that question. I have been very different since being a kid. I can assure you that I do not think like you do. My style is “by the hip” and because of this I meet so many amazing people. Once I met a girl, it was just after returning from a summer of a Job Creation political action tour across the USA . I was riding the Path Train and I was not in the best mood. I sat next to this young woman about 27 years old . She was tiny and quite warm with an open heart. I looked over at her and saw she was reading one of those self help books about positive thinking. I was utterly appalled. I felt it was the most stupid subject matter I had ever heard of. I asked her why she would read such garbage. She looked up at me and said why would I ask. Her smile was so welcoming and before long we were trading email addresses. Her stop was soon near and she began to prepare her depart. I never knew her mother was sitting just across the way until… Read More →

Timberline Class action lawsuit

Recently many of you have seen on television the advertisement for joining a class action suit against GAF building materials. The suit is relative to cracking in the Timberline shingles. The true suit should probably go against all manufacturers of the roofing materials that are currently being installed throughout the USA. These material are placed on homes, schools, offices, and we all wish for new manufacturing plants but there probably will not be too much of that ahead in the future. American made is the nature of 99% of all roofing materials. When I started as a roofer I recall how the performance of the roof was always related to to whether or not the roofers were trained and had the desire to do the right job. I recall being 17 and working for Conte Roofing out of Saddle Brook, NJ. We were just replacing flashing materials on the walls of a commercial property, it was myself and a few roofers over 40. We would cut the height of the flashing and set it up the wall with hot tar. The point is the next day there was a leak, the crew blamed me and I was devastated. I always… Read More →